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Learn How to Think & Work
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Early Stage is an 8-week programme for students who want to learn entrepreneurial skills
in a practical, fun and engaging way – for free.
Applications now closed for the September 2017 programme.
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Entrepreneurship is the new literacy

A Radically Different Future Requires New Skills

Our students are our future, but the traditional education system teaches skills that were relevant 20 years ago. We need radically different skills to thrive in a post-industrial economy.

At Early Stage, we believe that entrepreneurship is the new literacy, and that the demand for these skills will grow exponentially over the coming years.

If you want to thrive professionally, you must learn basic entrepreneurial skills – even if you want to work within a big corporation.

Some universities understand this, and offer entrepreneurship courses. Unfortunately, most of these are based on outdated learning methodology. We know that entrepreneurship can be learned, but classroom lectures and business plan assignments are not the best teaching tools for these skills.

Learn entrepreneurship by doing it

Solving Real Problems For Real People

We take a practical approach to learning. As an Early Stage participant, you learn to become an entrepreneur by actually doing it.

  • At Early Stage, you do not write business plans – you and your team launch real products and services to the marketplace, learn from customer feedback, and tweak your products accordingly.
  • At Early Stage, you do not read theories about customer behaviour – you talk to and observe real people.
  • At Early Stage, we do not even claim to have all the answers – but we do ask the right questions.

Real, hands-on experience is the only way to learn the skills needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. That’s why we built a free, 8-week entrepreneurship simulator programme, so you and other selected students can learn, experiment, grow and fail in a risk-free environment.

Welcome to Early Stage.

The Six Building Blocks of Early Stage

Providing all selected participants with a strong foundation of
entrepreneurial, future-focused skills 

Visiting Entrepreneurs

You get to meet some of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs who come to share their raw, honest startup stories with us.

Dedicated Mentor

A mentor with extensive business experience follows your team closely, asking the hard questions and pushing you in the right direction if you get stuck.

Team Budget

Thanks to our sponsors, each team gets a real team budget to be spent on marketing, product development and help from external field experts.

Strong Network

You develop strong connections to brilliant minds in the established startup scene, as well as future leaders and innovators within the Early Stage alumni base. 

Effective Digital Tools

You learn how to work like the world’s fastest growing startups work, using a state of the art digital toolkit for cooperation, problem solving and product development.

Innovation Frameworks

You learn how to use innovation frameworks to solve problems quickly, including design thinking processes and idea validation using LEAN startup methodology.

Early Stage gives you an unique opportunity to be an entrepreneur and to learn without taking the risks normally involved. The most important thing I learned from the program is how to validate ideas by building minimum viable products.

Ida HamarslandSelected Participant

If you have even the slightest interest in entrepreneurship, I strongly encourage you to apply. You won't regret it!

Eirik NerdalSelected Participant

Early Stage gave us the opportunity of testing our ideas directly in the market without any risk. I really learnt a lot from this, and it has inspired me to continue developing my entrepreneurial skills.

Ingrid KleppeSelected Participant

This programme should be mandatory for all economics and engineering students – it is incredibly important knowledge.

Torleif MadsenMentor

Early Stage was an amazing learning experience for me, and it will be for you too – you're mad if don't apply!

Stian SkulstadSelected Participant

Early Stage was a fun, practical and inspiring way to learn entrepreneurial skills. I recommend the program to everyone interested in testing new ideas in order to build a new business or to add value to an existing organisation.

Tine TunglandSelected Participant

Early Stage is very professional, with high quality content delivered in a fun, engaging way – I even learned a lot as a mentor.

Erik AadlandMentor



Applications for the 2017 programmes are now closed, but feel free to click “Apply” to add your contact information.

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