Our Story

Post-California Frustration

Much has been written about the startup craze in the San Francisco Bay Area. During 2015, Christer Dalsbøe and Jacob Mørch got to experience the wonderful vibrancy of the area for themselves, as they worked in different startups in San Francisco.

After returning home to Bergen, they found a void. Christer and Jacob were hooked on the intoxicating nature of Silicon Valley, and wanted to find like-minded students to discuss and practise entrepreneurship with. That search lead them to a frustrating realisation – such an arena did not exist in Norway.

Identifying Problems

As we spoke to friends and fellow students, we realised that many people were very interested in entrepreneurship. They had ideas for problems they wanted to solve, and products and services that they wanted to create, but seldom took any action towards realising these ideas.

We identified three problems people faced:

  • Not knowing how to find out if your idea is any good and worth pursuing further,
  • Not having a place to go to practise entrepreneurial skills in a hands-on way,
  • Not finding a place to connect with like-minded individuals.

These three were the foundational issues we wanted to solve by creating Early Stage.

Scratching Our Own Itch

Creating Early Stage then, was as much a selfish act as a selfless one. Yes, we certainly want to teach entrepreneurial skills to other people in an effective manner. But we also wanted to create the arena we had wanted – and still want – for ourselves.

As clueless but curious entrepreneurial minds, we didn’t have a place to go to meet like-minded people, nor a place to practise vital entrepreneurial skills in a safe environment. 

Early Stage is our attempt at creating that exact arena.